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Almost everyone has a computer or three at home these days. And with computers come problems.

Let us eliminate the headache for you by doing what we do best.

Whether you need help setting up a home network, moving data to a new computer, or making sure your computer is protected from potential viruses, we can help.

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"After trying to remove a virus myself and re-installing Windows, the virus just laughed at me, taking more and more control over my computer. Finally, I had no choice but to call for HELP! Computer Pros saved my computer. No more viruses!"

Sioux Falls, SD

PC Tune Up

Your car runs great when it’s brand new, but as time goes by, maintenance is a necessity to carry on at the same speed. Along with the oil check, tire change, you cannot leave out the engine tune-up.

In the same way, your personal computer-whether a desktop, net-book or laptop–keeping it well maintained requires a PC tune up and repair so that it performs at its very best.

Computer Pros is famous for its cutting-edge computer support service including PC optimization, PC Tune Up and Repair. Our experts will also provide you with the best recommendations on how to improve computer performance at all times.


Computer Pros specializes in computer repair. We have years of experience in PC operating systems.

Whether it's a software issue or you're in need of a hardware fix, we can solve it.

We promise repairs that make sense we will evaluate your laptop and see if a repair is affordable or sometimes we can get you into a new laptop cheaper.

Hard drive replacement or upgrade no problem!

We can also take care of Data Recovery and Data transfers for Mac or PC.

Virus Removal & Protection

There is nothing worse than losing valuable documents, pictures and other files due to a virus.

We've seen the frustration this can cause, and we pride ourselves on both the removal of, and the future protection against computer viruses.

Computer Pros has extensive experience in virus removal. We can also help restore your data and add virus protection software that will help ensure the safety of your data.

Give us a call to start protecting your information!

Data Recovery

Lost files can be a catastrophic problem; let us help bring them back!

Whether you’ve lost documents or photos on your home computer or have an entire business’ worth of data to recover, Computer Pros will do our best to get your data back.

Our data recovery technicians are here to assist you with the fastest recovery possible aimed to get your data back as quickly as possible.

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